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Sabtu, 21 September 2013

Lecturers! shout out...

Hoaaaahmm I have just waken up this morning..
Good Morning!

It feels fresh in this cold morning. Well.. I am blogging this morning to inform you some movement. But tomorrow I get quiz and I can't stop thinking of it this whole week. And if tomorrow I get worst score.. It doesn't matter, I only think not study.. o.O

I forget what I am going to write actually.. but a little fascinating know that my cousins still care hahahaha.. I met many lecturers in my lecture time..

Some of them really encourage myself to gain knowledge. But when I went to bookstores no book provided what I wanted so.. I got weak.. haha

too many 'haha' in this entry.. I consider ..

My lecturer discussed on something weird till something really interesting. I don't know but when I had my mind back I wanted to borrow my lecturer's brain for a while..

You know Jimmy Neutron. or einstein for easier, they saved their knowledge in a brain in unlimited entry data.

But they were not lecturer. They didn't share their method to gain their outstanding thinking. How to do case building. They built their case alone and finished it alone.. hahaha (again)

But the more interesting, lecturers share some tips to get your normal life back. I think I get normal these last days.. although really weird for others. Maybe many people say that teacher is different to lecturer. Maybe but I think when I sit and listen, according to me they have the same character. almost the same. the different is lecturer teach in college. But teacher and lecturer are teachers and they teach us. We just need to listen and learning. 

maybe intelligent, maybe smart

no doubt. 

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