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Sabtu, 07 September 2013

Vac to MERAPI MUSEUM and ULEN SENTALU MUSEUM. give my rights back

Once again who said a woman can't traveling alone? We can do everything we want, Agnes Monica said don't make a wall to your goal, even if there's a wall like people say you can't do that, prove that you can do that.

Don't make people underestimate you...

Actually I don't know whether I was stupid, brave, or doing unimportant thing, I had just thought I do what I like. It means good.

My Dad went to Wonosari yesterday, My sister did registration in campus, My mom went to work, and I.. felt stingy in my house. So I decided to go somewhere and told my Dad, I would go home before Mom arrived home from office.
Yeaaahh.. I really did that, I felt disturbing if I asked my friends go with me, and I didn't know who wanted to go with me, every I write status to ask them, no one answer yes or no, I looked like invisible. That's what I felt..

11 o'clock I had no food fulfill my stomach but I directly went to Kaliurang, First plans, I had 3 destination: beach, mountain, and museum . And I thought very very long time I didn't go to mountain. I did that... But something disturbed my own, I forget the way... I chose the simple one, went to merapi.. Planning to get some nice pictures of landscape. But there was cloudy, the mountain closed by cloud.. no clean sky. That's why I drove my self to other destination near Mountain actually volcano.. I chose museum.

From a straight road turn to the left from the south and I found Merapi Museum price only 3000 rupiahs for domestic to get in. I entranced the museum and when the guide asked to accompany me I refused and went along by my self. Well I didn't know that it was free charge. So, when the second tourists came and accompanied by the guide I felt so eeeeeehhhh.. dong. dong.. "oh like that, that's why they laughed at me?!"

I took photos and according my report I got that the smoke from year to year exploding are different form. like mushroom, like a cone, like unclear... And there were many photos, things, meter tools, and anything else. Consisted of two floors, and many interesting doors. Seemed like in gamezone, many lamps, and good lightning.

After felt a rather bored, I got fast went outside and continued my lonely journey, and when I went out... eng.. I saw jeeps and I asked to security for the price, it called 'lava tour for members of group' and one jeep costs 300 thousands rupiahs. I said, " I only bring a hundred thousands rupiahs, hhehehehe." SOOOO,  I should pay for parking, motorcycle got two thousands.

I asked the way to go to ULEN SENTALU MUSEUM, and I followed the direction . And landed safely in Ulen Sentalu while asked many persons. There had been a witness of many my friends' love #jerkme. Nothing but really interesting place to visit, No take photo there means no permission to take picture.Well I should waiting for other visitors to be guided by a person. And the people who be with me were from Jakarta, well, firstly I didn't want they be with me along the way, but because of the guide asked me to wait.. yah I must waited. They were a family consisted of mother, father, two sons and a daughter. They were a complete family. The one that bold man, or hairless talked much than I thought before, well I was interested enough with his questions, by the way one more girl, I thought the youngest, coloring her hair with red and purple. Crazy, and I thought she acted along the way, but yes they were all fat. But the father had no arm.. It means he has  arm but only one, the other I didn't know what had happened to him. They looked like my elder uncle's family. Somehow I missed him. Well he already passed away.

The guide told the every things mean. And the painting of a girl that dancing in traditional dance, and the one else the most beauty princess was Gusti Nurul. The guide began explain the history of the kings and queens of Yogyakarta. It began from a family and separated into 4 kingdoms in 4 regions. They were actually remained me to my ancestors. She told us that they were using dutch language that time, the same as my grandma and grandpa. The Sri sultan hamengkubuwono 9th was the highest educated student that time in yogyakarta, he studied in holland and had a holiday in europe too. Well the most interesting were letters to princess Tineke. Many letters written in dutch and translated in english, indonesia, and japan. It was so wow.

The else, I really liked Gusti Nurul, because from her photos she was really beautiful, she promised herself to married to whom was not doing poligamy. It was so good. Because the Yogyakarta Hadiningrat was belonged to Mataram Islam, there were many rules that conclude to the history of Java.

Firstly, the guide asked me to follow the foreign people, because they use english and I was tired to translate them in my mind so, I chose indonesian guide.

Well I only took photos outside and uploaded it in instagram.

By the way, I thought that the people who were with me that time, knew me from my blog.

I spent much money, almost a hundred thousands rupiahs, so I stopped at fuel pom and got money from ATM, and knowing my money was only four hundred thousands rupiahs left.

I got down town at 2 p.m and having lunch in my home region. :) so yeaaaah so yeaaah.. I hated the guy with his friends outside the ulen sentalu museum, they seemed laugh at me. Well I scared too if my motorcycle got broken.

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