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'life is like a puzzle need one another to make a complete picture that's why this life so perfect'


'knowledge cannot replace friendship, I'd rather be an idiot than lose you'
-Patrick to Spongebob-

Minggu, 20 Oktober 2013

daybusy.. kretek kretek

How happy are you?

I find a thing that is self awareness and I realized this practicum is containing of finding self identity. If my sister told me she got  soft skill lesson. maybe this practicum like a character building too.

Long time I have not written a simple arrangement essay. Well yeah.. many things happened these last days. But I don't think for so many times. It were just rubbish. 

Well yeah.. 

Why am I using it? For a little holiday like Eid Ada, I had picnic to some places and I bought so many books. Many books I have read and I forget to read my lecture books. I think some friends have thought it before. prefer to read other books .

I really don't know what I am going to write. 

"These tasks are killing me inside" from my liver to my brain from my heart to my mind.

I think it was really interesting to write status and doing some fun, I think all of my pets agree to me.
  • First, we did some vacation to the beach and it were local beach
  • Second, we did feeding and be an office boy 'girl' for our pets.
  • Third, playing with pets
  • Fourth, uploading pets photos
  • Fifth, uploading other photos
  • Sixth, refresh handphone and upgrade
  • seventh, online
  • Eighth, shopping
  • ninth, grooming pets
  • tenth, DO YOUR TASKS!

and I drown up over hills

I didn't suggest you to do the same because it were unnecessary actually . it were unimportant...
Just a little meditation maybe cooling you down.

Like this rainy season... prepare your rain coat Guys! or umbrellaaaaaaa!

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