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'life is like a puzzle need one another to make a complete picture that's why this life so perfect'


'knowledge cannot replace friendship, I'd rather be an idiot than lose you'
-Patrick to Spongebob-

Sabtu, 09 November 2013

ER for life

Really hot actually, I'm in a living room. 
12:35 p.m

"I'm tired..."

I passed my mid test. But I just curious to government, institutions and society. 
Maybe political factors had explained very clearly the relation between them. Maybe some sides had talked too much about our three musketeers. 

Skate holder is the better name tag for them. First, I think the forestry study didn't discuss political manners, or even economic factors. First time I came in to this faculty I was so innocent, so nerd, so like 'she doesn't know anything'. I bought many books but it were not included to forestry. I try to not attend to my study and move to other things that seemed proper to me as a girl.

Well, someone told me that in past forestry faculty consisted of more number of men and less number of women.

Yeah the era has changed the population growth of women got increase and Kartini has announced to do not underestimate woman. I think a little right because man still far stronger from average of woman power. 

Like ability to do some works. 

Well yeah return to the first paragraph. For the case of forestry box. The crash here is in a cooperation.

We as human, have built many groups from our own. We grouped our self to the which one was our self interest. Smaller box called competition made. We got support from our group, nor a ridiculous from others. Something like policy made to give bound to moves.When we play on court there's actors , policy and the most important lose or win.

That's why the labels for it called competition and our era is  competition era, competition means war but with peace and purpose to cooperation last. It's politics. Play on court like we are being judged . After we win the competition, news share it and we are famous. Our grade increase and we can monopoly the field. It's like trading our own.

Yeah the trading it self made from cooperation . And the competition could be win because the strategy. So by this short mumble We can say the relation is like the boss and the officer. the queen and the society. Just like that. We will never hear our voice out there if we just keep our mouth. 

The point is democration about to speak

Who do grant the speech? the action. -_________- It's just all related.. We decide. for power for freedom to relax to enjoy.

Never know the freedom for love or to live.

Minggu, 03 November 2013

My hair ... wavy and looks bad in this style

No reason to cut my hair... and I went to I think it's 'MAMIK SALON' special for rebonding and smoothing. but I asked to cut and washed my hair but the capster added the treatment to clamp my hair..

after my hair got back to usual, it's curly so I clamp my hair by my own but it's not as good as the saloon did. My hair is wavy and looks so bad in my head.

I should say thanks to God for the hair given.. but difficult to treat.