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Minggu, 27 Juli 2014

What I did for two weeks. Live in JUWONO, TRIHARJO, PANDAK

Hi world! It's been a long time to not writing in here. I got many surprises everyday. although it're not like surprise for birthday etc..

Since two weeks ago we live in a village (actually not that far from home), We do an activity to live in . We live together there and do some activities to develop that place. Firstly, I got no idea to do something good there. But yeah, show must go on, then Iwas trying to make an innovation to build that village, but in special sector. haha.. of course few of them, the environment.

I was so confuse what I would do before. But as the time went on, I started to hang the ring for basketball, plant the seed, make a hole for absorb the water.

Actually, around those arrangement activities I did not find any space to do my activities, so I prefer to steal some times to do that with a random mood. Yeaaah.. really excited . excited . excited.

I got some photos of those, not that many, but it can show you how beautiful living together in a village.. hihihi... It's just guilty, because some activities lack of my camera. It's just because I was too over. 

Ehm.. eh sorry, some problems happened so I could not upload my photos. My family there consists  of  Pak Dukuh, Bu Dukuh, The child, their son, and my friends. We are nine, 4 boys and 5 girls. haha..

First came in,  we have been accepted by Camat, and started to arrange the LRK (PLANNING), follow some daily activities like meeting.

For me, I did not understand the things  which I should do. so I began sleep longer than usual. then I realized I got three musketeers there, so for me, for being so relax and enjoy are  my priority. wkwkwk..

They did their programs and finish it right on time. (because I'm happy - sing)

My first program was sharing the filter for water. It's not that good.. I thought , but I still continued that thing. MUST DONE. I did not sure before, but yeaah, they accompanied me to visit some people there. although it was not finish yet. I began do that for the second time for other region in day two.The happen was considering the wide range of region -__________- provided to be repaired. I was imagining shall I make my programs for all region?!

There is a river there, small river. emmm.. like a canal.  (to clean the river I want to pour all kaporit (I don't know the english)  and filtering all water there ) It's such a hell activity. No one agree, and the government would put me in jail. 

The advantages of using the filter and chemist thing is  killing the bacteria and clean the water. just it. next ..go to the next page.

Second, I plant the seed. start from seed to seedling. It took 4 days of seed  to grow. and next day, replace with polybag from tray. I did it alone . haha.. I confuse, to teach the other persons. Too lazy, because some meeting I have missed. 

 It's water spinach seed. I say it in Indonesia as kangkung. It includes to vegetable. but I did not know which sector I should choose. so I chose  gardening sector for that.

Third, I hanged the basketball ring, haha.. not tragic story . the ring fell off  and hit my head. I was in pale awhile. but it did not matter, because I was not attacked by fever or some scary happens.
I need three days to finish it, First day, fail, the kids use it unkindly, Second day, fail, the reason still the same.. Third day... I make it happen. I finish it by nailing it. 

The other day, I brought the ball, basketball. and the kids play it fun.

Fourth, HAHAHAHAHA.. I dig the ground and make a hole. Purpose to make biopori hole for absorb the water.. supposed prevent the water flooded. I did it in an area, the same with the plant and the basketball ring., so funny.. 
I had no idea.. none told me how..  I did it my self. and finish it my self. and its done...

I just want to make a meeting with farmer and explain what's going on to the village.

It's just not happen yet.
I hope I can finish this live in activity as soon as possible. Possible happen.. Mission impossible. 0_0 by the way I hate my emoticon. really.

Just that what I can tell., I hate this. I'm gonna love this if finished already.

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