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Kamis, 14 Agustus 2014

socialitation.. SOCIAL BEHAVE

Hi everybody!

This is something like 'must thing to do' to write on you.
I was just confuse to several programs. then.. I made it simple. 
I was making verbal education on forestry, and it was just one time. I didn't take photo and moreover I didn't know who's there that time. I meant the participant. even more, it was just suddenly happen.
and now I am really lazy to make it again. 

Second, I made leaflet. yeaaah my friend asked me to make it. actually, they commanded me to hold meeting, for explain something. well. I was confuse, beside I am too lazy and spend much money to make a meeting, and difficulties of gathering participant, so.. I entered an original meeting to share some information. for the rest I didn't know whether they read their leaflet by  the title' pemberdayaan kelompok tani' or not.

It's just make me tired for a while, and my body became weaker than usual. I got sick.. don't know about now. just yesterday. but.. my friends really helpful , they did their programs well..

I want to share some more but I do think, it's not the right time. well PHR 'Penyuluhan Hutan Rakyat' made me hopeless. why is that? because it's just suddenly accident verbal presentation. -________-

At the first, maximum confuse reached well. in the middle.. less confuse. at the end.. I don't know. starting point of coordination. I don't know.. what now? just programs-programs- and programs.. hihihi..

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dunia kecil indi mengatakan...

Good luck, ya. Semangat! :)