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Selasa, 23 September 2014

It's just



I'm doing fine. Like yesterday, two days ago, and long long ago.. After a week got break from reality and healed my soul. I woke up and found myself had to fulfill my stomach. Unfortunately, because The time was too late, I got sick and began heal my self again. Oh my God, which one was sick? Whether my nose, my stomach, or my blood? It were all blending and made me took a rest.

After took a rest, I was tired. After tired, I was hungry, After hungry, I was tired, After tired, I got to sleep, After slept, I went to the campus, and made my self busy. Actually and so true, that I was only turning around my campus and met everybody like anybody.

It's just a commercial break for this entry. I didn't know how I got this word, it called 'fighting' and I got a sentence. (well, Guys, the wifi is off.. I get to break from this post, see you soon! Ehm, miscommunication, It's not). The sentence consists of two language and it were English and Indonesia. it's disgusting, but normal. 'kapan nyampe end nya kalau to be continued terus'. 

I won't tell what had been happened to me, it's just like keywords. 

Career is a word and it's like a future happen to us. Career is a process from bottom to top. Career is a name tag. 
A career is an individual's journey through learning, work and other aspects of life. There are a number of ways to define a career and the term is used in a variety of ways.
What's career? Shall we own our career? Does career help us? It's like a name of bag type.. haha, Too many advertisement of career in newspaper. Let's thinking, if there's so many unemployment why is that the advertiser is still advertising their advertisement? It's like why's the job seeker couldn't find their job? There are many jobs but no one applies for the job vacancy?

Advertisement was waste the time, the paper for billboard, the paper for newspaper. Is that because too many products, then there would be a competition to gain costumer? Once again it won't gain costumer as well, instead of competition to make the advertisement. 

There after, I saw along the street that one brand of the shop turned to be other brand new shop. It's just because the products could not be sold.The rest, what about the unemployment? It's just confusing. 

To be lazy is a character, it's not a job. like, I want to be lazy! the right is I want to be doctor! It's just I'm lazy!

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