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Kamis, 23 Oktober 2014

it's always it. Not proper

12.01 p.m
Babarsari internet cafe...

I am still sitting here while nothing can do.. waiting a film downloaded while traveling into cyber space, while waiting for miracle comes.

 I wrote many things in my mind actually, but after I wrote it once, I deleted it twice. Is that so empty in my mind right now.? Is that too problematic to open our secret. Is that too secret to published.

These last days were full of emotion, maybe something, somewhere, someone moves out slowly, or maybe faster than I thought before. Do you know? like the people society began wider? many groups built and like we know. They make an unconditional situation, maybe better known as non-conducive (this is such a new vocab for my brain dictionary). People were such fool persons because they were just influencing other people to do violence. what's the benefit?

Actually, no refuse of grouping people, no defend of creating idea. but let's think twice what better idea it should be. Firstly, here is I want to share of my activity, but I thought people are grumbling and taking a control of my rubbish. 

Do you know? a person in my village named Joko Pekik held some competition of photography and writing essay (if it were true). I knew it was like the development of a place. but it's so eh... because his place is not strategic. really down town. the people who apply for this event and creating a new idea were separated and different with one of the trouble maker. 

The news are just too over and society responds it too fast. We don't know the  issue and, it scared me for a while and it is like a ghost of night.

The positive one: if they make the group purposed of violence, it's good for health, the negative one, if they make a group for fun, it's good for mood. 

Do you know? I made a trouble for the statement before. Is it make sense? anyone can tell me, is this real or not? because she is still sleeping.

It's enough! test test?! 

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