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Minggu, 01 Februari 2015

Cinderella on struggle

Good morning!
Not really a  serious post. This entry is posted because I am in a lowest grade.
Don't be so serious, because this is just another post to fulfill my activity in the morning. Firstly I should be doing exercise and this afternoon there will be an aerobic activity. But yeaaahhh... don't know follow or leave it. It's a rare things to join an activity in my living.

Actually, I am always stuck at the first time opened this site. Few times before this posting, I was only looking at the traffic, and none was interested to my post.Why is it always first, could it be second, third, or tenth? Haha.. I am doing fine as well..No thing in my life bother me most. emm.. hahaha. one thing is a necessary to do.. and it's not a secret anymore. till I imagine how long this would take the time. On this way, it seems ah.. whatever.

Next paragraph, sometimes, I thought it would be easier if I didn't concentrate to two or many activities at once. But to focus on one thing, many things disturbed me. engg.. what? yeah.. I want to write every details in my life. like diary or something like that, notes. just to remember I have been through this life so well. 
Example, there was a danger but you could handle it. 

I have recorded my speech, and it was useless. Sometimes, the work we have done to be trash. Like it's nothing. but yeah, sometimes there is an angel comes from heaven to help us standing. I really believe there is a fairy to help my work. 

or there is a simple spell to make something easier. This is a habit, and could be changed in some situations. It's been two minutes to stop and thinking.Well.. yeah something could be turned back. I talked about something in one time and it's attacked me in other times. I can't believe I forget  what to write again.

If someday I delete all posts in here, and really mad on something till I couldn't handle it what would happen? Imagine there would be no one besides me and no one knows even note me in citizen identity. like living in a fake world, with fake persons. 

Once, I had ever promised my self in current situation, would not write a status, to show public what I did. like check in, like told what happened to me. it didn't work yah.. sometimes, we got so envy to them when they posted an event and hangout somewhere. And it means well.. I don't know. .. but it would be good if once not tell, would not tell anyone. but this era.. please be slow, all could be opened easily. ah.. the funny things I could find a something happen to everyone on social media. like this post to grave all posts, or that post refers to something. and like a social war in cyber. eng.. for example a game played by soc med and played by friends and attacked each player. and a simple stress. that one time would change mood all day longg..  Someday, it would be a news to discuss about game in socmed. But like a witch got blue spark, would it be only a dust?

Well... I post this post and ... I hope not to regret .. and I hope too... If I read a thing, and know something that attacked me.. and I need a help. I am going to call my fairy...

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