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'life is like a puzzle need one another to make a complete picture that's why this life so perfect'


'knowledge cannot replace friendship, I'd rather be an idiot than lose you'
-Patrick to Spongebob-

Minggu, 22 Maret 2015


First note: Yesterday I tried to post but the happen it failed.
                 But not this time....

Hi! Remind me if I had ever been the third speaker of a group english debate club. Today is a morning glory of Joy. Why I said that.. because this morning the sun's shinning bright by the color of white as my childhood teeth. Don't be bothered... No to mean bother you today.. I have no right to do so even to my own, disturbing is an art of jokes.. but it is so bothering. hahaha.. yeah frozen fever kills me this time.

I began my day like I looked up my weight and it reached up to 55 .. AAAAA... I wanted to do something like screaming while doing sit up at the same time.. I am not as flexible as my teenage ...

Yeah as you know, I tried to forget all sorrows and feeling suffer and begin to open the next chapter of my life. And I don't know when I get started. I talked it much more than many of life time but not done yet.
Recognize and realizing this life is not to think about but to walk on .. I read the book of life about the procedure to be interesting and change my personality.. but every remember Harry Potter, Dumbledore always say,'" It is in here, Harry." while touching his heart and say again ," It is love, Harry!".

I am walking on my past while walking to my future. I don't know what makes it is so close to me. Like I almost near to the my future. It seemed so close and almost open. I don't mean it is heart again. But yes. as the time gone by so does all sorrows that follow it. Huh.. It's just about courage to begin. I purpose to something, yes.. but like you know even I count how many times it happens.. it won't stop at that number. 

So, I was just too disturbed of many things around me. and I feel bothered. I won't explain it clearly, but to make you sure I wasn't doing on my fault. I will make it right. It is just as simple as my thought . I want my mistake , seriously changes into goodness.. Like Indonesian said , "nggak mudah kayak balik telapak tangan"

Who wants to be below. we want to be up there. 
If we are thinking about solution, I always want to find it by my self, but I couldn't.. I pray to my beloved one, I shall start thinking around, not to be focused to only my self, look around, doing something .. and everything .,"maybe our fortune is going with us right now", do you know, I'm whispering.. ..

It is going to be done......