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Sabtu, 20 Juni 2015

Please Chevy, get well soon

Cossette, The love bird

To open this entry I present to you my love bird, named Cossette.
I want to tell about my pet. 
I have a bird, yeah like the picture above, its name is Cossette. I don't know whether female or male.
I took and bought it in animal market near my home. I asked a permit to my parents first. And guess what? they did not allow me at the first time, but I kept ask so many many times till at last they gave me permission.
Cossette is a love bird. At first, its fur was blue but it turned to green. I thought it was because the cage colored is green.
This is a first year for Cossette, and see? We through it well. It means this is its birthday. and It comes as the first birthday. 
Congratulation Cossette, Happy Birthday!

Chevy, The Rabbit

 I have two rabbits actually. I want to introduce you to Chevy at first.
I post it for at the second paragraph, because He is sick. I am so confuse, sad, and stress. I have come to the (doctor) veterinarian and he is still like doesn't want to eat anything, and just stuck at the corner.
Usually, Chevy lead the rest time and having fun with other bunny. But, right now, he is just standing at his cage (I don't know to call it).
He is adorable because his fur is white and has black circle spot on his eyes. This bunny is belonged to my sister. But I care to Chevy. And We are so saaad, about Chevy sickness.We have to clean his room like we do to other bunny.
Chevy turns to three, this year. We want to celebrate it together. Not a big party but small togetherness while seeing Chevy playing is the most worth time.

Bugs, The Rabbit
 I have one more rabbit. He is Bugs.
This bunny plays so fun. This kind of bunny commonly has black and white fur, but this bunny has grey and white fur.
He is a cute bunny and Chevy's follower when they play.
Like I told you, Bugs is my other bunny pet.
Bugs is belonged by me. I care of this pet most. He had ever been sick. And I don't know how to describe it. but his *peep* was burnt.
He is going to be three this year. But my bunnies have never been trained. So all they know are just sitting and abstract jumping. They don't know how to jump correctly and dancing. He is not a compete bunny, but we still love them that much. 

Actually, I have two more pets, they are a hamster and fish. My hamster's name is Gretel II and my fish name is Yin. 
Gretel is a boy. His name is Gretel II because the first Gretel has lost, and we don't find it. Gretel eats corn, pop corn, sunflower's seed, and cabbage. He lives in the two stairs cage, by the color of blue and white. He doesn't like playing with his wheel. but he loves to step up and down the stairs. So I conclude he is thin because he is doing exercise all the time.

Different with Yin. Yin lives in a rounded aquarium with other unnamed fish. There used to be Yang, but Yang was dead last month. Do you know what it cause? It was simply because attacked by frogs. The story is like this, Yin and Yang live in a pond next to my house in my yard, and that day was really a sunny  perfect day. Few days before I have cleaned the pond. And not for a long time, the frogs came and attacked the pond. My yellow fish died, and I moved the fish to the bucket, and the bucket broke when I lifted it up. So the fish ran out of the bucket. I should pick them one by one. And the helps were saving Yin and Yang. Thereafter, Not So Long, Yang died. It was hurting my heart for few days. Could you imagine it? Or I am exaggerate.

That is enough about my pet. I am too worry about Chevy, Would you pray for Chevy, I don't want something happens to him again. No, not this time.