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'life is like a puzzle need one another to make a complete picture that's why this life so perfect'


'knowledge cannot replace friendship, I'd rather be an idiot than lose you'
-Patrick to Spongebob-

Senin, 28 November 2016

Big news


I said so, like the fact actually says...
1. poor.
2. jobless.
3. forever alone.

Could you imagine that life is so cruel to me?
My terrific is now happened !

This is just another post of mine. Too much regret.


Minggu, 23 Oktober 2016

Random Trees Along Border

It is useless...
I mean it is useless, I had remarked the blog layout but it's empty.

What do you like me to write? A minute before I was thinking that I doubted to write something here. Even I didn't know what to write. Actually I don't want to be public since I made big mistake and many other mistakes in my life. 

Talking about mistake, I remember that my friend had been asked me about this life. I told him that this life keeps on turning. But he said to me that there was no turning, if it did, you'd prevent it.

Well.. this time I lost my thoughts.

I was thinking that my life goes well. Until I realized I have no plan B at all. Something what I do today is my real life. Just to be honest, I have no fake smile, fake face, like I want to do plastic surgery to make my smile even better to see. I have no plan B that I would use my actual ability of make over to fix my smile. That's just imagination. The reality is here when I did mistake I shall fix it as soon as possible or... I have no choice to make it worse this time. 

Yeaaahh.. I told many people about my problems. But do I care to other people problem? Do I care to those children that afraid of strangers? 

I have my life this time just to fix my faults. I decide my priority to fix my faults first. If you see I am at the bottom today . yes there I am. 

Everyone deserves a mercy. There would be all people deserve to live in happy life.Why should I think about the people that far in distance? Why should I care to people that I didn't even meet? Why should I think to those people who suffer under old regime? Why should I care to you that I don't even know you are exist or not?

I lost in thoughts again.

Why should I think about environment, global warming, climate change, deforestation, degradation, and other society problems? 

I don't understand. Those are just my thoughts. Why do I care whether I have my own problem? Those happens, those tragedies of life, none wished. The way we could do today is just thank you that we are still living. 

If you thought that I tried to knock your heart. You were wrong. I just lost in thoughts. Let my mind thinks what it might be thought. I get headache to think all problems shall be solved. Everything has a reason. There should be happiness after the storm. There should be another day of joy.

:)))) Please guys.. this is just example of my random thinking. random emotion, random typewriting, random and abstract like I was invented a new pattern of planting in the village and that was random trees along border. That's what I felt this morning. Random trees along border. 

In my imagination random trees along border is a pattern that there is no specific plant ssooo all plants which could be planted in one land and grow well in one land. and it were planted randomly. sooo there is no special criteria. The fact, the plantation area was not special land though. The plants could be planted in one available area but still inside one village. The commonly plants could be planted are teak, guava, mango, papaya, srikaya, sapodilla, longan and other fruits trees that available.. hahaha..

I'm joking. I lost in thoughts. So these were just other post to aware you that everyone could be laugh and speechless in the same time. I know what you feel.. I just can't get enough.

Senin, 25 Juli 2016

Like the heart wants what it wants..

6:49 WIB

"It's been a long time since you came around
been a long time...."
Nothing. I open this entry by the song of Lady Gaga but I actually don't know the song. This is a usual morning because there's nothing change. Why? because my move did not make a change. I shall make a better change but there are many walls that I should break. Please this is not a sentence I wanted to write. I have an empty mind today. I have a damn mood so damn mood to do anything like anything.

For normally human, we must to start the day with smile, with laugh because it express joy, spirit, and fun. Like I said I did almost of my days before to do fun. I did everything what I wanted to do, buy everything what I wanted to buy, I sang every song that played in my head, I talked to every person that I wanted to meet. For everything that I want to be a reason as what I am today.

Is it difficult to catch up my words?

This is normal but for me it is a grateful thing. I prayed to my God for the sake of every angel and saint I met in my dream that I really hope my wish comes true. Truly, it is a morning spirit, I fold up my blanket and make my bed tidy, feed my animals, drink thai tea. Those are all my spirit, even when I got up late. 

I realize that I must to work harder when I want something. I couldn't get something I want by one blink of my eyes. I still want to do everything what I want to do, I still want to listen every song in radio even in spotify, I still want to play video game like now. The conclusion is I still want to enjoy my life while there is something I shall to fight for. How is it? Does it make sense? 

Sabtu, 14 Mei 2016

Hop off Hop on

In the second day to be here
At one of the world highest towers

These photos were so memorable. We could not have it for another time,  maybe. 


Sabtu, 30 April 2016


8:11 a.m
Play my music

This is a morning, It's kind of unusual activity in my blog that I post something in the morning, more over it's Saturday morning.

We have our problems yet when I wrote exactly at the time. Right now, it were like leaves go along with the wind when I suddenly think that it were not necessary problems.
what do you think I was going to write?
this entry must be expressing what I am thinking, what I feel,what I am going to say, (What should be in your mind readers?)

 I have promised my self to not let this blog empty for long time. I shall write at least one entry in a month, but when it comes as something special activity and my priority, it would not. 
I am thinking about how I spent my little time in my big time of my life. The times keep walking, and I shall manage it well while time can not be bought, times just gone when it is too late to realize we need more of time. I told you I am afraid of many things, such as: 
  1. becoming poor
  2. losing friends
  3. jobless
  4. alone for forever (have no life partner)
  5. losing my family
  6. drugs stop 
  7. unpayment
  8. underground
  9. no living place
  10. lose my national identity
  11. not accepted
  12. fail
and many scared things in front of my face if I keep stay in one place. I often updated for national news, and many problems became headline of the news. And as I know that my problems are not published. 
So, what is the relation between time and problem?
Just to be wise the time has taught us to be mature, the time has taught us how to appreciate happens, taught us to not waste the time.
Time is a priceless thing but worth it. I thought I could deal with time to make my life easier to walk.  
Move can cause a change.  

People commonly say time is money, so... it is true then

Senin, 14 Maret 2016


10:45 a.m

Hi... I felt pity to my blog, because has now recently blank for many months of a year. You should see my post long long ago.. a year of 2015 consisted of 6 posts only. What do you think?

I'm now in internet cafe. and I'm browsing mozilla firefox, I post this entry because it's so boring, seeing this blog untreat.
That you'd back few years ago, when you thought you were totally absurd, but your blog full of entries. You saw 83 posts in a year of 2011 and 66 posts of 2012. What would be in your mind?

Sometimes, I was so unconditional, insecure and writing all of contents in my mind to every social network I had. Just like now. and I feel so not important to share what's going on.. what's on your mind... what's happened. .. It's just our right to keep it secret. Well... back to two years ago.. I have been no body. I was just a student, and I was working on my tight schedule. I had no time to write something here. to share what had happened, how exactly my feeling was. I was just stuck to increase my point and grades in my college. but it was a sacrifice.  

I read a book. to be success you need to share your works out there. you need improve your self, you need a stock of talent to be success. and every I saw my self , It's just a little close to me, but not at all.. Sometimes, I thought that many people could be success without post it to social media, no need to share their knowledge, no need to show themself. It's just in my mind. But, sometimes.. I thought it was selfish, because they aren't connected to people in the wide area range. They could not think that there were many people wanted to be in our position. and could not reach it because there was no way, and they did not know how to or the proccess.

Just it I wanted to share, I have no conclusion, I have no solution. we need to value ourselves. whatever we are..

Kamis, 21 Januari 2016

Case Close

10:40 WIB
GMT +7

Good morning.

A morning greetings could encourage your day. So I greet you with a special smile :)
I want to refresh this blog and begin to write again since this blog had been empty for a little long time. To review about this blog I need to explain something that all of content in this blog is purely absurd thinking of me. So if that meant to you, I have no business to intervene for what you have done.

If there is an essay, there is a happen. Just please notice that I haven't been using english again till this day. and I use english to post something to this blog, so my english is not really outstanding. I believe on many wise quotes, even the worst one and that's I 've been made about. Reading quote and a book full of quote wasn't making me bored, but I was addicted to read that more. Well, for this case, many people didn't like to read quote and it was just wasting time. I'm not that one.

Once time, quote woke me up to stand. and without many persons next to me I was no body. I am no one. You will understand what I was saying if you have ever felt the same. I began interact to other people outside and I didn't just sleep over in my room. Many people have their characteristic and that is something I understand the most. I couldn't change people by only words and only command them. I need to be close to them and train them to see the way I'm thinking. Those things were slowly killing our stubborn. 

I was just realize that was my lecturer did to me. and people around me influenced me. But I want to share something that it is difficult to control my self to not uploading photos again. I feel so less if I didn't posting something or maybe taking picture and writing something. That one was the example social media have influenced me. And it was spending all  my time. Now if you thought that quote is more likely quota. Just homonym. Yeaah... internet quota.. that I 've thought all the times. made me little frustate. I should spend money to buy pulse. Once again.. this is my business.. not yours.

Ok. it was just an essay. I only wanted to share something inside. not all is bad.. there is goodness behind it. not all is bad.
 See ya again ..