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Senin, 14 Maret 2016


10:45 a.m

Hi... I felt pity to my blog, because has now recently blank for many months of a year. You should see my post long long ago.. a year of 2015 consisted of 6 posts only. What do you think?

I'm now in internet cafe. and I'm browsing mozilla firefox, I post this entry because it's so boring, seeing this blog untreat.
That you'd back few years ago, when you thought you were totally absurd, but your blog full of entries. You saw 83 posts in a year of 2011 and 66 posts of 2012. What would be in your mind?

Sometimes, I was so unconditional, insecure and writing all of contents in my mind to every social network I had. Just like now. and I feel so not important to share what's going on.. what's on your mind... what's happened. .. It's just our right to keep it secret. Well... back to two years ago.. I have been no body. I was just a student, and I was working on my tight schedule. I had no time to write something here. to share what had happened, how exactly my feeling was. I was just stuck to increase my point and grades in my college. but it was a sacrifice.  

I read a book. to be success you need to share your works out there. you need improve your self, you need a stock of talent to be success. and every I saw my self , It's just a little close to me, but not at all.. Sometimes, I thought that many people could be success without post it to social media, no need to share their knowledge, no need to show themself. It's just in my mind. But, sometimes.. I thought it was selfish, because they aren't connected to people in the wide area range. They could not think that there were many people wanted to be in our position. and could not reach it because there was no way, and they did not know how to or the proccess.

Just it I wanted to share, I have no conclusion, I have no solution. we need to value ourselves. whatever we are..

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