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Minggu, 23 Oktober 2016

Random Trees Along Border

It is useless...
I mean it is useless, I had remarked the blog layout but it's empty.

What do you like me to write? A minute before I was thinking that I doubted to write something here. Even I didn't know what to write. Actually I don't want to be public since I made big mistake and many other mistakes in my life. 

Talking about mistake, I remember that my friend had been asked me about this life. I told him that this life keeps on turning. But he said to me that there was no turning, if it did, you'd prevent it.

Well.. this time I lost my thoughts.

I was thinking that my life goes well. Until I realized I have no plan B at all. Something what I do today is my real life. Just to be honest, I have no fake smile, fake face, like I want to do plastic surgery to make my smile even better to see. I have no plan B that I would use my actual ability of make over to fix my smile. That's just imagination. The reality is here when I did mistake I shall fix it as soon as possible or... I have no choice to make it worse this time. 

Yeaaahh.. I told many people about my problems. But do I care to other people problem? Do I care to those children that afraid of strangers? 

I have my life this time just to fix my faults. I decide my priority to fix my faults first. If you see I am at the bottom today . yes there I am. 

Everyone deserves a mercy. There would be all people deserve to live in happy life.Why should I think about the people that far in distance? Why should I care to people that I didn't even meet? Why should I think to those people who suffer under old regime? Why should I care to you that I don't even know you are exist or not?

I lost in thoughts again.

Why should I think about environment, global warming, climate change, deforestation, degradation, and other society problems? 

I don't understand. Those are just my thoughts. Why do I care whether I have my own problem? Those happens, those tragedies of life, none wished. The way we could do today is just thank you that we are still living. 

If you thought that I tried to knock your heart. You were wrong. I just lost in thoughts. Let my mind thinks what it might be thought. I get headache to think all problems shall be solved. Everything has a reason. There should be happiness after the storm. There should be another day of joy.

:)))) Please guys.. this is just example of my random thinking. random emotion, random typewriting, random and abstract like I was invented a new pattern of planting in the village and that was random trees along border. That's what I felt this morning. Random trees along border. 

In my imagination random trees along border is a pattern that there is no specific plant ssooo all plants which could be planted in one land and grow well in one land. and it were planted randomly. sooo there is no special criteria. The fact, the plantation area was not special land though. The plants could be planted in one available area but still inside one village. The commonly plants could be planted are teak, guava, mango, papaya, srikaya, sapodilla, longan and other fruits trees that available.. hahaha..

I'm joking. I lost in thoughts. So these were just other post to aware you that everyone could be laugh and speechless in the same time. I know what you feel.. I just can't get enough.

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